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Keri Beevis is the internationally bestselling author of Dying To Tell, Deep Dark Secrets and the recent top 10 smash hit, The Sleepover.

Her other books include the Rebecca Angell Series: M for Murder and D for Dead, Trust No One, Every Little Breath, The People Next Door and With Friends Like These. She wrote her first novel at age twenty, but it was a further twenty years before she was published after winning a contract in the New Novels Competition 2012.

Born in the village of Old Catton, less than a mile from where Anna Sewell was living when she wrote Black Beauty, Keri had a passion for reading and writing from a young age, though her tastes veered more to the macabre.

Today she still lives in Norfolk, along with her two naughty kitties, Ellie and Lola, and a plentiful supply of red wine (her writing fuel), where she writes a comedic lifestyle column for the Iceni Magazine. She loves Hitchcock movies, exploring creepy places, and gets extremely competitive in local pub quizzes. She is also a self-confessed klutz.

In 2019, Keri was signed by Bloodhound Books and her first release with them, the psychological thriller, Dying To Tell, which is set in her beautiful home county of Norfolk, went on to be a huge bestseller, hitting the top 25 in the UK and the no. 1 spot in Australia. Her second book, Deep Dark Secrets was also a top 100 Amazon bestseller.

2021 saw her move to Boldwood Books on a 4-book deal and her first release with Boldwood, The Sleepover, was a UK top 10 bestseller.

Keri’s brand new psychological thriller, The Summer House, is out in March 2023!

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