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With Friends Like These

Who needs enemies?

On his way to Scotland for a reunion with his university friends, Billy Maguire runs over a pedestrian. But this is only the start of his problems . . .
Realising the man is alive, Billy puts him in the back seat of his car, planning to leave him outside the nearest hospital. But when the man dies, Billy panics and drives to the reunion with the body in the car, where he begs his friends for help. Tension swirls within the group at first, but when the dead man’s ID reveals him to be a notorious criminal Dougie McCool, they decide to get rid of the body. The only problem is that some dangerous men are looking for McCool—including his brother, who is willing to brutally exploit the circle of friends to get what he wants.

But will he succeed or can they get away with it?

Available in paperback and Kindle edition
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What everyone is saying about With Friends Like These:

A rip roaring excitement filled read.
Book Mark

Darkly funny and utterly terrifying. The best book I’ve read in a very long time.
NJ Moss

Dark humour, tension and a well-crafted twisty plot. A masterclass in writing.
Patricia Dixon

Darkly comic with Guy Ritchie vibes. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Caron McKinlay

A book you will want to read in one breath. Enthralling and totally consuming.
Dan’s Books

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