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Trust No One

How far would you go to punish the wicked?

A long, long time ago, you did a bad, bad thing.
And now it’s time to pay.

When Olivia Blake receives a note, she thinks someone is playing a prank on her, until she is lured to an empty house where she witnesses a man burning to death. Then she realises that the threat is serious. The problem is, Olivia doesn’t know what it is she is supposed to have done.

As she tries to find out who is tormenting her, someone watches her from the shadows. Someone who knows the truth about a tragic accident that happened years ago. And that someone won’t stop until every one of the sinners has paid.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. When it comes to punishing the wicked, there will be no mercy…

Available in paperback and Kindle edition
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What everyone is saying about Trust No One:

“A roller coaster of a read that I can’t recommend highly enough.” – Nicki’s Book Blog

“This book has been the dark, edgy read I’ve been craving and literally has it all. A definite five star read.” – Little Miss Book Lover

“Great characters, really good narrative and a great plot plus some genuinely scary moments made this a fast paced, exciting read where I guessed the culprit wrongly three times in the lead up to a nail biting finish.” – Book Mark

“What an incredible thriller this was! I was desperate for it to end so that I could unravel all of the secrets but at the same time I wanted it to go on forever as Keri’s writing style is so good.

Keri has a realistic narrative. Her characters are very authentic, their lives are normal (mostly) and the scenarios won’t have you rolling your eyes in exasperation. At the same time, it’s not a predictable storyline and the twists, turns and revelations had me gripped! The title of the book is very fitting – I really did trust…No One...I was constantly second guessing to wonder who was behind everything and their true motives.

A fantastic read, great thriller, and I can’t wait to see what else Keri comes up with (and read her other books too!)” – Tea Leaves & Reads

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