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M for Murder

A spellbinding serial killer thriller

Previously published as Dead Letter Day

D for Dead

A gripping crime thriller from a best selling author

Previously published as Dead Write

Deep Dark Secrets

Everyone has something to hide…

A must read psychological thriller

Dying to Tell

How far would you go to keep a secret?

A gripping psychological thriller you don’t want to miss

Trust No One

How far would you go to punish the wicked?

A tense psychological thriller full of twists

Every Little Breath

How much could one phone call change your life?

A tense psychological thriller full of twists

The People Next Door

The perfect home or the perfect nightmare?

A must-read psychological thriller

With Friends Like These

Who needs enemies?

A twisting crime thriller

The Sleepover

One night. One secret. One nightmare.

A page-turning psychological thriller

The Summer House

One sister murdered. One brother jailed. One love betrayed.

A mind-twisting psychological thriller

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