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Keri Beevis is the author of nine psychological thrillers, including the international bestsellers, Deep Dark Secrets and Dying to Tell. In 2021, Keri signed a four-book deal with Boldwood Books. Her first title with them, The Sleepover, is out now.

Her tenth book, The Summer House, is now available to preorder and will be released on the 6th March 2023.

The Sleepover – Keri Beevis
‘One Night. One Secret. One Nightmare.’

When you’re a kid, you imagine monsters to have horns and fangs. That they hide under the bed or in the wardrobe. And you believe they can only come after you when it’s dark.

You don’t expect them to look like everyday people or that they may be someone you already know…

The summer in question started out with hot, fun-filled days and new friendships. We had just turned thirteen and had our whole lives ahead of us. But that was before her. Before we became known as the Hixton Five and our lives become defined by one night. It’s hard to believe twenty years have passed since she was locked away.

But now she’s free and strange things have started to happen.

When I close my eyes, the creeping anxiety and fear is overwhelming and all too real.

Because the monster is back, and I know she has a score to settle with us.

Release date: 24th October 2022

Available now in Kindle, KU, Prime, paperback and audiobook.