Internationally bestselling Bloodhound Books author.

Keri is the author of M for Murder, D for Dead, Deep Dark Secrets, Dying to Tell, Trust No One, and most recently, Every Little Breath. Her brand new psychological thriller, The People Next Door, will be released 16th November 2021.

The People Next Door – Keri Beevis
“The perfect home or the perfect nightmare?

Her new house has a mysterious past —and her new life in the countryside is about to take a dark turn…

When Ellie and Ash move into a beautiful old house in rural Norfolk, they believe they’ve found their perfect home. Intrigued by the people next door, Ellie befriends shy but sweet Benjamin, and as time goes by, becomes ever more curious about his elusive sister, Virginia. But when she discovers that her new home has a darker past and that Ash has been keeping secrets, what she thought was a perfect life in the countryside begins to unravel. Is her best friend to be trusted, are the new neighbours all that they really seem, and why is her new puppy so obsessed with the cellar? Most worrying of all is the mystery of what happened to the former occupants of the house. When Ash goes away on business and strange things begin to happen, Ellie’s paranoia goes into overdrive.

But are these all coincidences—or is she really in danger?

COMING SOON. Release date: 16th November 2021.


Trailer – The People Next Door – Order today!

A brilliantly spooky tale of moving house, new beginnings, fresh neighbours and the drip, drip feed of stark terror, as reality and fear mix in this chilling psychological thriller. A very tense, and yes at points, scary read that had me sat up at certain bits shouting encouragement to the victim(s). Dark, but enjoyable. Loved it.” 10/10 – BOOK MARK


Keri has a realistic narrative. Her characters are very authentic, their lives are normal (mostly) and the scenarios won’t have you rolling your eyes in exasperation. At the same time, it’s not a predictable storyline and the twists, turns and revelations had me gripped! The title of the book is very fitting – I really did trust…No One...I was constantly second guessing to wonder who was behind everything and their true motives.

A fantastic read, great thriller, and I can’t wait to see what else Keri comes up with (and read her other books too!)” – Tea Leaves & Reads [Review of Trust No One]

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